“I love how clean it leaves my mouth feeling. And I love that it has no artificial chemicals. I plan to use this for myself and my children.”

– Abi from NJ

“I liked the simplicity – all u need is one Neem stick, I also liked that you are using a fresh clean product each time, it’s like using a new toothbrush every time you brush“

– Seeni from NJ

“A neem stick a day keeps the dentist away!“

-Sowmya from MD

“I love using Neem Essentials. I have been looking for a fluoride-free alternative toothbrushing system for my family and this product was the first innovation I have seen that brings Ayurvedic practice to the oral hygiene space. It was something new for us but after trying ot fir a few days, the new became habit. I feel the benefits are clear. It’s amazing how effective this plant is at cleaning teeth and leaving you feeling fresh!”

-Adam from NC

“I never would have thought cleaning my teeth with a twig would work, but it actually does.”

– Jay from CT

“I like the way this brush cleans the tongue, and also that is it environmentally friendly.”

– Seth from NY

“It feels great to have an all-natural addition to my dental hygiene regiment!”

– Callie from NYC

“I love the fresh feel I get after brushing with the Neem Electric Toothbrush. Since using Neem, I’ve noticed a decrease in plaque!”

-Kyle from IN

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